Health Promotion and Education is an integral part of the mission of the Antillean Adventist Hospital. It is to help men and women reach their full potential, mentally, spiritually and physically. To reach full potential, health principles must be practiced. The more closely these principles are followed, the better health the person enjoys. We hope you will find long life as you commit to good health practices.

AAH Team

8 Secrets To A Healthy 100


People who believe they are in control over their own lives are healthier and live longer.


Sleep and also taking time to relax is important. Relaxation lowers blood pressure and reduces stress.


Our external world affects what happens within us for the better or worse.


This includes physical and mental conditioning. Our goal is to be active in mind, body and spirit.


Trust in God speaks to the relationship between spirituality and healing. A link exists between faith and wellness.

Interpersonal Relationships

These improve our well-being. Social connection fortifies our resolve and improves our health.


This creates our reality. Our mind influences our body and our attitude impacts our health.


Nutrition is the fuel that drives the whole system. Small improvements and strategic substitutions produce profound results.